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Medical Hall Outlets : north

Medical HallAddress
Guan Chuan Chang 1A Woodlands Centre Singapore 731001
Kang Yu 303 Woodlands St 31 Singapore 730303
Yi-Zi Trading 304A Woodlands St 31 Singapore 731304
Tai Sin Chinese Medicine 678 Woodlands Ave 6 Singapore 730678
Kang Yu 768 Woodlands Ave 6 Singapore 730768
Kang Yu 883 Woodlands St 82 Singapore 730883
Tai Sin Healthcare 1 Woodlands Rd (Ten Mile Junction) Singapore 677899
Ummi Aleefa Corner 103 Yishun Ring Rd Singapore 760163
Wan Soon Hoe Koon Kee 293 Yishun St 22 Singapore 760293
Sin Aik Siew 645 Yishun St 61 Singapore 760645
Yit Chien Medical 928 Yishun Central Singapore 760928
Ban Sheng Loong 846 Yishun Ring Rd Singapore 760846

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