Health Information
The term replacement partner is used to describe the partner of his or her choice brought by a sexually inadequate unmarried man or woman to share the experiences and the education of the clinical therapy program.
Influence to penis
There is the recorded history of one man whose failed attempt at initial coitus developed while he was partially under the influence of drugs.
Sexual Peers
Most of his peers would not perform inadequately under similarly combined pressures of prior environmental handicapping or the immediacy of sexual trauma.
Penis and Social Influence
ne cannot propose that environmental influence inflicts upon young males such a depth of psychosocial insecurity that statistically they must find themselves
Penis and Emotional Influence
The male with a meaningful, well-established homosexual orientation in his teenage years may be expected to experience varying strengths of conditioning against active heterosexual involvement.
Sex partner and impotence
While developing therapy concepts and procedural patterns at onset of the clinical investigative approach to sexual dysfunction

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